Night Leader Assessment

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23-11-2019 14:00 - 21:00
Address: Parson's St, Porlock, Minehead TA24, UK

The Night Leader assessment consists of a theory assessment completed in advance and a practical assessment.

The theory assessment comprises an open book home study task including short answer questions.

The practical assessment comprises tasks and applied leading of peers to evidence your competencies and experience.  It is one day’s duration starting from early afternoon through to the evening and full darkness.  Expect at least 3 hours on the trail in dark conditions.  Precise course timings may vary according to the time of year.  You will be expected to have pre-ridden the (provided) assessment route in advance of the practical assessment.

To attend the assessment you will:

  • Fulfil all the pre-requisites for the Night Leader Award training
  • Have successfully completed the Night Leader Award training or approved alternative*
  • Have completed any advisory actions identified at your training
  • Have further substantive experience of riding in dark conditions, with a minimum of ten rides additional recorded in your logbook, each of not less than 2 hours (minimum 20 rides total since prior to training)
  • Provide appropriate and suitable personal and leading equipment to lead a group on a mountain bike ride in the dark, in the conditions of the day

*Direct entry to the assessment may be permitted where the Leader can evidence extensive and substantial prior experience of leading and of leading in the dark and prior training such as MBLA Night Leading Module.  Final approval is made through a discussion with the assessor prior to application.

Course venue: Porlock Recreation Ground

Cost: £95

Night Riding on Exmoor

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